Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Deleted Scene: Take 12 - In Another Castle (Part 10)

Final part for this scene!

10 ~ Winning Road

Shard was doing well in fending off her attackers, better than well. Anna was unconscious, Misty was out of arrows and tossed to the side, DJ was struggling to stay conscious, and who knows where Christina disappeared to. Jester and EDJ were the only ones she really had left to take out. Jester was about out of the fight, having been in it longer than his ally. Most of her enemies were taken out and she didn’t even break a sweat defeating them. She was doing very well, until about five minutes ago. Shard was in the middle of blocking an attack when she suddenly felt her power leave. It felt like someone had sucked the energy right out of her.
Shard fell to her knees, eyes wide with disbelief. “No. It can’t be…” she muttered.

“What’s the matter? Too much awesome for you to handle?” EDJ said with a smug grin.
DJ and Misty winced as their memories flooded back.
“Not you, blockhead! Them!” Shard pointed at Lui and Hanna as they entered the hall, still holding hands.
“Well, it’s about time,” Misty said with a huge grin.
“I’ll say,” agreed DJ.
“You couldn’t have waited five more minutes?” EDJ complained. “I almost defeated Shard single-handedly!”
“As if that was ever going to happen.” Jester yanked EDJ out of the way. “This is her fight now.”

Nodding to Lui, Hanna stepped up to Shard and drew her sword. Shard herself stood up and smirked. “Evening, darling. Growing soft?”
“Hardly,” Hanna said as she began circling her opponent. “I have nothing to fear now. You can’t touch me.”
“Everyone has a weakness.” Shard nodded in Lui’s direction. “Yours is him.”
“False.” Hanna smiled. “He helped me see my greatest strength. They all did. Now that strength will defeat you and put an end to all the suffering you’ve caused. You’ve been living in this fantasy world for far too long.”

“Perhaps.” Shard’s confident smirk faded. “I’m glad you’re here, Hanna.”
Hanna stopped circling and looked at Shard in confusion. “What?”
“I’m glad. You wouldn’t believe how useless power is with no opposing force. I left the others alive in hopes that, some day, someone would help them. I’m glad you came to stop me.”
“Technically, that was Anna’s doing… and I don’t know which alien race kidnapped you, but this mellowed out version is starting to grow on me…”
“That’s nice,” Shard said with a smile. “I’m sorry we can’t be friends.” With that, Shard sent a barrage of icicles toward Hanna.
Hanna stopped them with a wave of water. “We might be able to if you quit attacking.”

“It’s more fun this way,” Shard said before creating a sword of thick ice and attacking Hanna with an upward slash. Hanna dodged and blocked another slash with her sword.
“Besides,” Shard continued as she pressed her sword against Hanna’s. “This is my nature. Do you really thing I’m going to make this any easier for you?”
Hanna shoved the attacker away and brought her sword down in Shard’s, shattering the icy weapon.
“I was hoping so.” Hanna raised her sword and Shard bolted for the throne room. She took flight and headed for the portal. Hanna swooped in and cut off her exit. “It doesn’t have to be like this, Shard. You can stay and-”

“Stay? With you for an eternity? I could never stand it. I’d rather…”
“Rather… what? In the moment of death, you traded me for an eternity of evil. I know what you fear, but what other option do you have?”
Shard sighed as she thought about the situation. “Fine.”
“You’ll have to stay in the tower.”
“But then I’ll never be let out!” Shard objected.
“Never is a long time.” Hanna moved aside so Shard could see the painting.
“So is eternity,” Shard grumbled as they both entered the portal.

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